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The Jewerly Trends for 2021

As we put a tumultuous and introspective year behind us, let’s look towards the future of jewelry while checking out the emerging trends spotted in 2021. Indeed, this year, there has been an increase in waist-up dressing and accessorising. This is due to the surge in video-calling where only one's face and neck are visible. This leaves us with few ways to express our personality through dress so why not do it through jewelry?

Here are some key jewelry trends we have spotted on the runway this year and have inspired our designers for our Tamalet collection:

  • Figurative jewelry is all the rage. Designers are loving playing around with lips, evil eyes, hearts and other fun charms, like Matthew Williams did for the SS21 Givenchy collection. Here are some examples of playful charm styles we have developed for the Tamalet Collection:

  • We noticed an increase in fringe jewelry on the catwalk this year. Virgin Abloh showcased a selection of fringe earrings in his last show as did Missoni with her bright tie dye statement necklace. What we love about fringes is that they can be completely reinvented according to the material used, threads, chains or even beads. Our Parisian designers anticipated the trend and added some fringe styles to our collection:

  • Neon enamel is very fashionable this season. It is the perfect summer jewelry, bright, colorful and resistant. Lots of jewelry designers have been playing around with this trend like Roxanne Assoulin with her vibrant enamel stacking bracelets as have major luxury Maisons like Bottega Veneta and their SS21 chunky enamel pieces. Enamel and lacquer are staple techniques for Ateliers Tamalet, we love adding touches of color to our collections:

  • Kidult jewelry is a major trend season. We have seen alphabet jewelry, handmade looking bead bracelets and necklaces and fun smiley pendants everywhere. From Saf Safu, the niche fashion jewelry brand to Urban Outfitter SS21 collection, kidult jewelry styles are omnipresent. Here are some of the kidult styles we have developed for the Tamalet collection:

  • Chunky chains have been trending for a while now. However, this year we have seen them getting chunkier and chunkier. Luxury maisons like Jil Sanders accessorized their collections with statement chains, playing around with different sizes of chunky links. Laura Lombardi showcased some original statement link designs in her SS21 collection. Our designers love playing round with different chains and metal textures, here are some of chunky chain pieces for this season:

Feel free to get in touch with our Tamalet team to see more of our pieces!


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