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Ateliers Tamalet is committed to developing and manufacturing more responsibly. We aim to make jewelry that is respectful of the environment, the people who make it and the final consumer. 

Sustainable jewelry and accessories


Sustainable jewelry factory

All of our factories have made disposing of their waste responsibly a priority. We only use recycled brass in our jewelry and are working towards  using more sustainable materials, like biodegradable acetate and leftover stone chips. 

Sustainable jewelry factory

We ensure our workers are paid fair wages in good working conditions. We regularly have our factories audited. In our latest audit carried out in March 2021, Intertek scored us over 92%. 

Sustainable jewelry factory

All of the jewelry we produce is certified lead, nickel and cadmium free. Our jewelry and accessories are PROP 65 & Reach compliant to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. 

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